Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven Within… and unto this shall all else be added

How the key to abundance on all levels really does lie within

For some time now I have been focusing on ‘abundance’ issues, and over the past few months it became quite clear to me that my financial situation is the end-result of a prior cause, because we live in a universe of cause and effect.

And I have been aware of the link between finding it difficult to receive (eg, support, love) and the flow of money. However, it was only last week while learning a new technique to deliver to clients, where of course one guinea pigs oneself first, that another piece of the puzzle slotted into place. And it was a BIG piece!

As part of my Moativational Medicine™ training, we were practicing a technique called ‘reuniting lost parts of ourselves’ and I was working on the theme of resentment towards others.  For years I had thought that if I can just forgive and move on this would clear the resentment. And I also have learnt how essential it is to clear the hurt that lingering behind any resentment in order to fully forgive.

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.” –Helen Keller

What I had not counted on was how much I had been disallowing myself from receiving from the INSIDE, and namely from receiving LOVE… from ME. As we proceeded through the technique, I experienced for the first time what I have often heard people refer to as a ‘heart opening’. Quite spontaneously my heart opened (a term which I have heard so many times from many of my colleagues but which has up until now just been an intellectual term rather than a hands-on experience) and it was like a stream of golden light poured from deep within my heart… TO ME!

And it was only then that I realized how I had been holding off giving love to ME! Yes, I look after myself and treat myself well, but suddenly I discovered what I have heard referred to as a hidden wellspring of love, a ‘fountain of love’, inside of my heart, which I had been disallowing myself from receiving through the resentment I was still holding. Holy bejeezers. What a discovery.

And that brought also an experiential understanding of what all masters of wisdom, such as Jesus and the Sages of the East mean really when they say ‘Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven within, and unto this shall all else be added’.

This is what we (I) need to focus on – tapping into this fountain of love within, which really does exist. So now, after several months of searching for the ’cause’ of my financial ‘effect’ I am getting closer to finding a solution. And it’s not about changing something on the OUTSIDE. It’s about focusing on the INSIDE. It’s a change of perspective and direction which doesn’t make sense to the rational mind, but I do believe this is the right direction to follow.

I’ll keep you posted on progress!

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2 thoughts on “Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven Within… and unto this shall all else be added

  1. Thankyou for sharing this. it resonated strongly with me and I am glad you treated yourself so well for your birthday…regret I could not join you . See you soon and I shall within myself ….thankyou!

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