The Six Conditions for Healing

Do you know that the body needs to feel safe enough to heal?

Because many illnesses are emotionally-based, if we do not address emotional safety issues first, the body-mind may simply decide it’s not safe to change.

The following article is adapted from Gilles Marin’s book “Chi Nei Tsang – Healing from Within’. Whilst it is focused on Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal work, the principles apply to all healing.

“The emotional body is irrational. It does not belong to time or space but lives in the present, and the present is eternity. It takes a tremendous amount of energy and an absolutely trustworthy support system to be able to stay with an emotional issue and allow the healing process to take place. The work of the practitioner is to create the opening for the client to reach that place and remain in it until the emotional charge is dissipated. Up until now there has never been enough energy or a strong enough support system to convince the Guardian that it is possible to work out an issue.

During treatment it is the role of the practitioner to provide the support, understanding, and respect clients need to take steps toward healing, and to help them develop the ability to provide these things for themselves. Practitioners can support and assist, and also they can step out of the way and let the process unfold. Their task is to witness what is going on and to hold the space for it to happen.


ONE  Clients have to feel safe physically, mentally and emotionally

Physical safety comes with appropriate support. Mental safety comes with reassurance and clarity of contract between client and practitioner. Emotional safety comes with validation and respect for feelings. These aspects of safety have to be cultivated throughout clients’ whole lives before they will be able to use and trust the new found feelings of support during treatments.

TWO  Clients need to relax deeply on a physical level

Physical relaxation is possible only after safety issues are met. Then a continuous process of release is possible, arising from providing and cultivating the following ‘earth’ attributes:(a) support: physical support, mental reassurance, emotional validation; (b) acceptance of transition from a  familiar place that doesn’t fit people’s needs to a more comfortable place that is not yet familiar enough. It is the most uncomfortable place of transition: feeling between a rock and a hard place; (c) nurturing: to provide people with the necessary resources to afford healing: (d) timing, which allows people to remain present, where healing is happening, no matter how uncomfortable they feel.

THREE  Client’s minds need to quiet

People’s analytical, hyper-vigilant minds will slow down and give peace when the two previous conditions of safety and support are provided. Only then will their minds be able to listen to feelings without being on the defensive, without too much fear of treason from the irrationality of the emotional self. Only then will the Guardian trust enough to let people get completely in touch with their emotions.

FOUR  Clients need support and permission to recognize and validate their feelings

At that vulnerable stage where the analytic mind is in recess, clients need the emotional support and reality check of others before they can allow themselves permission to feel completely. At that stage practitioners shouldn’t take anything for granted and should work even harder at providing the previous condition. Clients are now entering the scary stage of increased awareness, where uncomfortable feelings and sometimes unbearable pains reside. They will often look for any pretext to withdraw from that place, and often just knowing another person recognizes what they are going through helps them stay with the process

FIVE  Clients need to feel the importance and sacredness of the moment

Once people feel safe and relaxed to the point of being able to quiet their minds, get in touch with the depth of their souls, and feel entirely supported in that moment, that very moment is personal history in the making. It becomes the pivotal space time of transition where a page gets turned in the unfolding of their existence. This is the time where people get a glimpse of their destiny, where they get in touch with their spirit guides.

SIX  Clients need to open to the surge of increased energy and to surrender to the power within

When all of the previous conditions have been met, we get permission from within the energy gates to open and liberate a surge of energy which provides transformation. At that point there is no turning back. The page is turned; we are stepping into our new selves, our new existence. We are outgrowing ourselves. From now on nothing will be the same.

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3 thoughts on “The Six Conditions for Healing

    1. hi Edie, thanks for your question. It is not something that can be answered in a few sentences because personally I need to take a full case history of a person to get a true picture of them before making commenting on such a question. There are so many things that need taking into account that all affect our ability to detoxify. The interesting thing about genes is that we turn genes on and off according to our emotional and mental and vibrational state (all interrelated) – if you read Bruce Lipton’s work the Biology of Belief he goes into this in detail. We are a product of the responses to our environment. Genes are not what most people think they are. The more we change and upgrade our thoughts and emotions, the more our vibration changes, the more our body comes into balance. So I wouldn’t say it’s as much ‘overriding’ genetic tendencies as ‘transforming old genetic tendencies’. Hope that is at least partially helpful!

      1. Hi Kim,

        Thanks for your reply, I do appreciate it!

        I have started reading his book. I would love to believe that this is true. I have dealt with what is labeled as CFS twice in my life. The first time was after having surgery. My body crashed. I was able to recover through eating well, resting, no stimulants, and time. I followed my body’s cues to get well.

        I developed it again years later after a severely stressful marriage (domestic violence), taking prescription sleep aides, and then exposure to new paint, carpeting, fire retardants, radtiation, etc. My body crashed again, and I got sick on top of being exhausted. I also developed horrible inflammation, so bad I couldn’t even sit down. I met with an N.D./M.D. who had me take a genetic liver test. He then diagnosed me with a liver disorder and CFS.

        I started doing even more research than before, and learned about how poor methylation can affect someone’s ability to detoxify properly and can lead to fatigue syndromes. This is turn, can then stress out the HPA axis, specifically the hypothalmus, and also affect the mitochondrial output in muscles. This is what happened to me. I was not even conscious during surgery, yet my body could not handle the stress of surgery and all of the prescription pain killers and 8 months of anti-inflammatories I was on that, turns out, my liver could not only process very well, but built up in my system.

        Just the other day, I got a “new” mattress, and my symptoms all returned. It is definitely because I do not detoxify properly. I have also tried to act like there is nothing wrong with me and not rest and work full time. That did not work at all. I do believe in following your body’s cues, and not doing the opposite, i.e. not resting when your body says it wants to rest. That part I do not agree with at all. I believe symptoms are part of the solution to getting well again, but you have to honor and listen to your symptoms, and let your body guide you back to health.

        That all being said, I am very open to this concept. If it is true, that is quite the medical breakthrough. I consider myself a very aware person, disciplined, etc. and I have certainly tried my best to act, think, and believe that my body is completely well. I did recover the first time, minus sleep issues. This second time around has been much more challenging. Does Mickel Therapy claim to work for all chronic conditions, such as cancer? How about childhood leukemia, for instance?

        CFS is really called hypocortisolism and/or tertiary adrenal insufficiency by the medical community. It is not a wastebasket condition as some have claimed. It is a real, devastating condition. It is also not related to adrenal fatigue, which is a misnomer. The adrenals are intimately connected to, and governed by the hypothalmus. It can also lead to sub-clinical hypothyroidism, another source of fatigue.

        I appreciate you be willing to have this dialogue with me. I am always so honored and respectful of people who have put so much time and thought into the healing journey. It is such an important topic. Health is the ultimate spiritual practice and journey, perhaps.

        I think there is much truth to what you are saying. The goal for all of us, of course, is to heal and thrive if at all humanly possible. I still have faith in myself and my body’s ability to heal all the way. I am currently at about 85% of my energy levels now, whereas before it was about 20%.

        My inflammation is almost entirely gone, which means my cortisol levels have gone up, which means my hypothalmus is healing, I hope. My liver is doing better, but I still have trouble getting the methylation cycle working all the time. This why diet is so crucial for me. It helps my liver to detoxify properly in way nothing else has worked thus far. If I can influence this gene expression in me, that would literally change my life.

        I hope that will be the case, one way or another. I also believe I can travel further into the present moment, honor my body’s instincts even more (the most valuable tool I brought away from Mickel Therapy), and cultivate the relaxation response even more, which is the main way people can heal, I believe.

        Edie 🙂

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