Knight on a Mission – the changing face of healthcare

One of 5 finalists nominated for New Zealand Woman of the Year in 2011 for innovations and contribution in health and science, Kim Knight is on a mission to change the face of healthcare in this country and worldwide.

Having recovered from a number of chronic illnesses, some of which are still classified by mainstream medicine as unsolvable, incurable or only treatable with drugs, she is on a mission to educate people on a new approach to healthcare.

Housebound and unable to work for several years as a result of chronic fatigue, major back pain and clinical depression, she sold her house to travel round the world, believing she may not have much longer to live.

Life it seemed had other plans, and rather than sinking into an abyss of no hope, she discovered what she now refers to as the ‘laws of health’ – natural laws which we must follow if we wish to avoid illness, recover from sickness and build thriving health.

Much of her knowledge and understanding comes from her study and practice of the ancient science of Qigong – Chinese exercises for keeping the body and mind healthy. In addition, she has trained in and implements a number of cutting-edge modalities such as Mickel Therapy (specialist treatment invented by a medical doctor for Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Insomnia, Irritable Bowel and other chronic diseases) and Moativational Medicine (specialist techniques for identify and resolving any illness or pain).

Ms Knight’s approach to healthcare includes a number of radical new perspectives, for example understanding:

  • the intelligent nature of symptoms and how they play a positive role in a person’s health
  • the link between emotions and health and the role negative emotions play in generating physical pain
  • the new science of epigenetics and how our environment influences our health by expressing (turning on or off) genes
  • the role of stress and how it is the foundation of disease (dis-ease)
  • the critical role of self care in the management of health

Rather than expecting someone else to fix our problems, Ms Knight teaches clients how to interpret the message beneath the symptoms or problem. She gives people information, tools, strategies and solutions to manage their health or recover from illness. This is, as her business name suggests, ‘The Art of Health and Science of Wellbeing’. Her tagline says it all: ‘Self care – a revolution in healthcare’.

Currently still representing a minority of the general population, Ms Knight is one of a growing number of health practitioners who understand how we can and need to revolutionize our healthcare system. In her words “it’s all a matter of education and awareness. We cannot put into practice what we don’t know. The Art of Health teaches people simple information that has been missing. My vision is a world where people are able to take care of their own health”.

For any sceptics who still find it difficult to believe stress and emotions are the biggest culprits of illness, she offers one of her favourite quotes by Arthur Schopenhauer: ” All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”

Kim Knight educates worldwide via teleseminars, private consultations and seminars.

She can be contacted at + 64 9 833 6553 / + 64 21 410 633

Her websites are

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