By Kim Knight, Health Coach, finalist for New Zealand Woman of the Year 2011 Category: Health and Science

“Yes, we used to think the world was round and the sun moved round the earth. And now we know better”

Why is it most people still believe that ‘Doctor is King’ and has all the answers?

Recently I had an email from a colleague who has been ill for a few weeks, who had been told by her doctor “it may be polymyalgia”. Polymyalgia is a name for a group of symptoms, (a group of symptoms being a syndrome) for which, according to mainstream medicine, ‘there is no known cause’. It’s really just a way of saying ‘you have lots of different symptoms and we haven’t got a clue what is causing them’.

What was really interesting in her email was the phrase “I’m waiting for the doctor to tell me what is wrong “.

Why, oh why, oh why, when there are a significant number of health professionals, including naturopaths, natural therapists and even a number doctors, who HAVE worked out the real root causes of such conditions, do we still believe doctors have all the answers?

Unfortunately because those dispersing the information are amongst those who still do not understand. And the problem is, people are still buying into it, which of course perpetuates the problem.

One of my favourite quotes is:

”All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” (Arthur Schopenhauer)

Yes, we used to think the world was round and the sun moved round the earth. And now we know better.

So think about this for a moment: I remember Richard Flook, founder of Meta Medicine saying “The medical profession do not know what causes the majority of diseases. And if you don’t know the cause, HOW CAN YOU TREAT IT?”

This is the whole crux of the problem with the common medical approach to chronic (long-term) conditions. Doctors are not trained (and certainly do not have time in a 15 minute consult) to discover the real root causes of a problem. Modern medicine, in most cases, deals with the end result only – symptoms. And in general the approach is ‘fix’ pain with drugs or surgery. There is very little attempt to look at why the body is actually creating or sending those symptoms.

“Symptoms have a very intelligent purpose and usually carry a message which is waiting to be interpreted”

Flook goes on to ask “Is disease meaningful or meaningless? Has the body made a mistake?” – most people to do not take the time to stop and ask “WHY is my body sending symptoms? Could there be a reason or purpose?”.

When we are in pain, of course we want to be out of pain as soon as possible, but the FACT is, if it is sending pain and symptoms, there IS ALWAYS a reason, and it’s up to US – not anyone else (although usually we need some help from others) – to work out what this is. So you see, symptoms have a very intelligent purpose and usually carry a message which is waiting to be interpreted.

Don’t get me wrong, I am in awe of what modern science can do in many ways – the cutting-edge technology that has been developed and life-saving surgeries which can be performed are truly amazing.

But it’s time once and for all that we knocked this belief on the head that the traditional doctor knows best. Doctors do NOT necessarily know best (unless you happen to come upon the emerging new breed of doctors who do see things from a wider perspective). YOU know best. YOU live in your body, you are the one to know about you the best. Although, because we have so many blindspots, particularly on an emotional and mental level, we do need help from professionals who specialize in this field to identify what is going on at these levels.

So next time a doctor tells you ‘We don’t know what is causing this’ or ‘the only solution is chemotherapy’, you might just want to stop and ask yourself ‘Could there be a reason for my symptoms which up until now I have not identified? Could there be someone who could help me discover the real reason for this pain which my infinitely intelligent body is sending me?’

About the author: Kim Knight is the Director of the Art of Health, a New Zealand-based company on the cutting-edge of healthcare.

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