Question: What do Hunter Hayes and Mickel Therapy have in common?

Answer: They’re both on a mission to prevent and stop bullying.

Hunter Hayes Invisible Tour

At the recent 2014 Grammy Awards in LA, Hunter Hayes debuted his new anti-bullying song “Invisible”, and he intends to continue spreading the powerful message during his upcoming “We’re not invisible tour”.

So what on earth…. (I hear you saying) does this have to do with Mickel Therapy?

Well, let me enlighten you:

For the past 8 years I have worked with many clients with chronic fatigue (CFS), ME, adrenal fatigue and fibromyalgia, to name just a few of the chronic illnesses Mickel Therapy assists people to recover from.

And as a result of observing and helping clients to identify the root causes of their pain and exhaustion, it has become clear there are several core, recurring, underlying themes which occur in a person’s formative years which can, and do, lead to chronic illness later on in life. And bullying is one of these themes – a BIG one.

Over and over again, when I ask clients to tell me what they remember or feel is important to tell me about their school years, they tell me they were bullied. And bullying, when left unresolved, creates a multitude of problems which left unchecked can and will lead to mental or physical illness.

How so? A number of reasons:

1. Children who are bullied are often shy, reserved, sensitive types who find it difficult to stand up for themselves. Instead, they hold everything inside, and as anyone who has experienced Mickel Therapy knows, suppressed emotional energy will lead to physical symptoms if left unresolved over a long period of time.

2. Children who are experiencing physical or emotional abuse on the home front and who do not have solutions or support for the situation, will go inwards and hold all their pain inside. Because they are unable to deal with the situation on the home front, they find themselves equally unable to deal with being mistreated at school. They have no tactics, strategies or support network, and hold all the emotional pain inside, which later builds up to physical or mental symptoms.

So how does Mickel Therapy deal with this?

Well, if the client is still at school, we teach them how to create clear boundaries, express their feelings honestly and look after themselves. We ensure they ask for help from people around them who are able to give it, and assist them to create a supportive network around them so they feel safe. Safety, both emotional and physical, is of paramount importance for the body to heal, because without feeling safe the amygdala (fight-flight system in the brain) will continue to generate symptoms as a result of either a very real, or perceived, threat.

And what if the client left school many years before? Well, a law of human nature is that we will continue to create and attract the same situations into our life until we clear the emotional energy in our body which, by the law of attraction, is attracting those situations to us. So the chances are, if a client has been bullied at school and has not dealt with the emotional pain it caused them, they may well be attracting abusive or unpleasant people (bosses, partners, work colleagues) into their life in the present. The lesson here is to learn how to deal with these types of situations and people so they no longer attract them into their lives. Mickel Therapy teaches clients how to deal with these present-day situations by guiding them to create clear boundaries and no longer tolerate unacceptable behaviour from others. Thus the pain (physical and emotional) from both the present and the past is simultaneously cleared.

There are also several other common themes which run in the background with people who have developed chronic illness, including emotionally traumatic bereavements, parental separation and being moved from home against our will, and these can be discussed in future blogs.

For now, with the focus of this blog on overcoming bullying, the message I’d like to leave you with is this:

Bullying is a serious issue which not only damages children (or adults) emotionally and mentally, but can lead to serious physical symptoms later down the track if left unresolved.

So never, ever underestimate the devastating effect bullying can have on a child, and always do your best to lend a helping hand if you suspect a child is experiencing abusive behaviour from others.

And oh, Hunter, thank you so much for bringing this subject the attention it needs on the world stage (literally).

About Kim:


Kim Knight is the Director of the Art of Health and Science of Wellbeing.

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, she works internationally with clients, teaching them how to recover from chronic illness without medication, and how to maintain optimal health.

She is a senior Mickel Therapist and Mickel Therapy Trainer in Australasia.

Her websites are

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