The Fears Natural Health Practitioners have to Face every Day

There is no doubt that natural health practitioners have to face a lot of fears:

For a start, the fear of not being able to help clients reach their desired outcome (health), simply because no guarantees can ever be made as to results. Recovery from a health condition is a very personal journey and experience, and ultimately all healing  comes from within the client themselves, along with the guidance and support of their therapist. (Think about it: if you break an arm, does the plaster cast heal your arm, or does the healing occur from within the cells of your body? The latter of course, along with support from the plaster cast. This is true with all healing; no matter what the health condition is, all healing comes from within).

But a much bigger fear that I have been becoming aware of and have not spoken about before is this:

The fear of the ‘establishment’.

What establishment?

The fear of the mainstream medical system within which most of the ‘first’ western world sits. The establishment that has been ruling the roost for the past 100-150 years that says doctors, surgery and medication are the number one solution to health problems, ‘doctor knows best’, and anything else is ‘alternative’ and at best second-best or third-rate.

Now, let me say for the record, I am not anti-doctor or anti-establishment. No! I am all for mainstream medicine in the right place at the right time. I believe it has fantastic solutions, especially in the arena of life-changing surgeries and helping people to get on with their life with the assistance of medication.

But the truth is, mainstream medicine is not the only way, and it is not ‘better than’ anything else. It is just a part of the total solution.

And it is also not a case of ‘either (mainsteam) or (natural health)’ – we need both!

We need it all, for now anyway. In the future when we have evolved our consciousness further, we will be able to drop many of the approaches we currently use, and as we look back we will see how ‘old-fashioned’ and even ‘barbaric’ some of these approaches are. Chemotherapy, surgery and radiation for example…

The problem is, we have been so unconsciously conditioned and brainwashed into believing mainstream medicine is the first – or only – port of call, that most people do not even know there are alternatives, or as I heard it described this week, alternative health is just ‘witch doctoring’.

So what are the fears I am talking about which natural health practitioners like myself are continually faced with?


Do you know it’s illegal for anyone except a medical doctor to claim they can ‘heal, cure, treat or diagnose’ a person? Yes indeed, crazy but true. Personally I have no interest in using these terms because:

  • I do not ‘heal’ people – I show them how they bring themselves back to health through looking after themselves and making changes in their life
  • I do not ‘cure’ people – I show them how to restore their own health and wellbeing
  • I do not ‘treat’ people – I educate them on the true nature of illness and how they can restore health by following the laws of health
  • I do not ‘diagnose’ people – I show them that whatever the end-results are in terms of symptoms, there is almost always a cause if you know how to find it

So as natural health practitioners we continually have to super vigilant not to use these words or we may face punishment ‘from the establishment’, from people who often know far less than we do on the topic of health.

Fear of Speaking up and Standing Out

This is a big one. There is this constant underlying unspoken fear that if we step up and out, and claim that natural medicine can do as much as, or even more than, mainstream medicine, we will find ourselves in trouble with the ‘establishment’.

According to news reports, doctors who have stepped out beyond the establishment have found themselves dead. Literally. I cannot vouch for any of these reports, but if they are true, this is scary stuff. It means that ultimately we have no freedom of speech and no right to stand up for what we believe to be true or right. It is witch-hunting all over again, and this fear is in the collective unconscious, which is why it feels so strong and all-pervading.

Constantly we hear how ‘big pharma’ control the government through money, maintaining their grip on the use of drugs, which only ever address the end-result rather than the real cause of illness.

This has been a big fear for me too. But I can no longer sit by with the profound understanding I have of what causes illness, and how we can recover from even the most chronic of illnesses still deemed ‘incurable’ by many doctors, and often do it without any external intervention such as medication, supplements or surgery, and not share this life-changing information with the world. 

I cannot not share the truth. It is a crime that more people in the world do not understand and know this information.

Continually we are fed the line that we are still seeking ‘a cure for cancer’ and yet many of the causes and solutions are here right now, just not yet well know by most people.

Continually we are fed the line that there is no known cause for illnesses like chronic fatigue, ME or fibromyalgia, and yet the causes are well documented, and the solutions readily available for those that are willing to open their minds and hearts to this new information.

This month I will be presenting at a major medical conference, and as far as I know, I am the only natural health practitioner in the line up. It is forcing me to face my fears of the ‘establishment’, the fear of claiming I might ‘know more than a doctor’. But my desire to see natural health and mainstream medicine come together is too strong to not be sharing this information now. Our world is in crisis, our healthcare system is in crisis, and people need to know their options.

At the conference I will be sharing how thousands of people have recovered from conditions like chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, post viral fatigue, anxiety and depression, conditions which mainstream medicine on the whole say are ‘untreatable’, and how they have done it without medication through remote sessions and home study programs.

This is the future of healthcare! People can bring themselves back to health from even the most debilitating symptoms as long as they know how to!

I remind myself of Chai Chuah, Director General of Health’s, words at the Health Congress earlier this year: SERVICE ABOVE SELF.

How can I serve the whole? What does humanity need right now? Does it need what I and my colleagues have to share? YES!

Our prevailing medical paradigm has to change. It has already started to change, we are making inroads, and we still have a long way to go…

So if you are a natural health practitioner, I invite you to stand up and speak out, stop being afraid of the ‘establishment’. Own what you know and be willing to stand up and claim your truth.

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Medical Disclaimer: Kim Knight does not diagnose, treat, cure or heal any person or disease. If you require medical attention please seek out the relevant help.











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