On ‘checking your breasts’ and why it may pay to ‘check’ this first

by Kim Knight, the Kiwi Health Detective

Wherever you put your attention, that is where your Qi will flow.
Your Qi (life force energy) solidifies into matter.
So what’s really happening when you’re looking for lumps?
Could you actually be creating them?

I remember sitting in a seminar training 20 years ago and being told that checking my breasts for lumps could actually lead to creating them. It was new information to me at the time.

A few years later, when I started to learn about ‘Qi’ and the power of the mind, this advice began to make sense.

So whilst many women may get up in the morning and check their breasts in bed or the shower, I’ll share a new perspective on this ‘breast-checking’ thing, and what may be a complimentary and enhanced breast-checking practice.


In order to understand why looking for lumps may inadvertently contribute to creating them, we need to understand the nature of how matter (materia) is created in the human body, and in order to do that it’s useful to understand the nature of ‘Qi’.

Qi is an Eastern term commonly translated as ‘energy’ in China and ‘Prana’ in Indian yogic traditions.

Most people understand Qi (if they’ve even heard of the term, which many haven’t) as the ‘life force energy’ which fuels our body. And this would be correct – just like we need petrol to run our car, we need Qi or Prana to run our body at a fundamental level.

However Qi is much more than only energy. It is energy impregnated with information. A description of Qi by Qigong teacher Master Yuan Tze is ‘Energy + Information + Mass’ (E+I+M).

So now we have 3 elements to Qi: energy, information and mass.

So why is this important to understand?

According to ancient Chinese philosophy, built on thousands of years of wisdom tradition, and which most people have heard about through acupuncture, the most fundamental building block of life is Qi.

When you magnify down through the cells and molecules of a human body, down to a quantum level (one of the smallest units of measurable matter or mass) you get to Qi. It’s a microscopically small level of matter which appears and looks more like energy than matter, but there is still an element of matter in Qi which is why it still contains ‘mass’ or matter.

So we know there is energy and mass in Qi, but what is the ‘information’?

This is the bit that makes Qi interesting!

All the information in your body-mind, ie, your thoughts, conditioning, unconscious beliefs, habits of thinking, mind-patterning, memories etc, are the information which program your Qi.

In turn your Qi solidifies to form the solid matter (bones, muscles, nerves, brain, muscles, tissues, organs, cells, molecules…) in your body. So really you are just solidified Qi! (energy + information + mass E+I+M).


Yes, I know I’m getting a bit Qi technical here, but bear with me.

To make things simple, just latch on to the fact that in Chinese medicine, rather than seeing the body as different systems (nervous, skeletal, cardio-pulmonary etc) they divide a human body into ‘Jing Qi and Shen’, and see  a structure of ‘Qi rivers’ running through it called meridians which are accessed through acupuncture points or ‘Qi gates’.

In a nutshell, and put simply, Jing is the physical body (matter), Qi is life force energy (E+I+M) and Shen is the mind. This is important for understanding the next step…


Before understanding why checking the breasts could lead to creating matter (lumps), we also need to understand a few laws of Qi.

One law of Qi, drilled into students of Qigong and Acupuncture, is that ‘Shen is the Master of Qi and Qi is the commander of blood’.

Shen (the mind) commands Qi (energy, information and mass) which in turn influences the blood (which flows through our body feeding, nurturing and growing our cells).

In Chinese medicine Shen (the mind) ‘directs’ the Qi in the body, which in turn becomes the physical matter (Jing) of our body.

In other words, wherever you put your attention, that is where you Qi will flow. Your Qi (life force energy) solidifies into matter. So what’s really happening when you’re looking for lumps? Could you actually be creating them?

So this leads to the question, what is the callibre of your thoughts, beliefs, habits, conditioning? Is the information which you are directing into your body healthy and life-affirming or damaging and depleting? You need to know because one route will lead to health, and the other to illness.

This is why as students of Qigong we learn the importance of directing ‘positive information’ into our cells, tissues and body, because the ‘information’ within the thoughts and feelings is literally affecting and changing our cells on a minute-to-minute basis, whether we are aware of it or not! Because we cannot get away from the fact that Shen (the mind) is the master of Qi (the energy, information and mass). Whatever information (thoughts, emotions etc) you send into your body turn into solidified physical reality!

Shen and Qi together ‘program’ the body (Jing). In other words, the quality of your thoughts and emotions creates physical changes in your body.

So does knowing this give you a different perspective of what ‘checking for a lump’ could be doing? If you are looking for a cancerous mass, what information is your Shen giving to Qi to distribute to your body?

Now that we know this we can, if we choose, we can radically change our perspective on things.

As a practitioner of many years helping people recover from chronic illness, I can attest to the importance of putting ‘good information’ into the body. I spent many years not putting good information in, and ended up creating many chronic health issues, including chronic fatigue syndrome, asthma, UTIs, allergies, back pain and more. It took many years to unravel and reverse this, and my goal for you is that you don’t have to get chronically ill before you get a ‘wake-up’ call to change the quality of your Shen and Qi!

Your organs, tissues and cells will be affected by the quality of the thoughts and information you give them on a cumulative basis.


So here’s a quick tip and exercise you can use.

The next time you have a pain, symptom or diagnosis, start to pump ‘good healthy’ information from your Shen (mind) around your body through your thoughts and feelings. Imagine the area as bright transparent energy, and IMAGINE AND SEE IT ALREADY HEALTHY.

(And by the way, you don’t have to have an illness to do this – you can use this as a health maintenance and illness prevention strategy, which is what the ancients have taught for thousands of years).

Send good healthy information to the area, see it already healthy or whole.

Whilst I am not suggesting instant miracles here, what I am saying is that that your organs, tissues and cells will be affected by the quality of the thoughts and information you give them on a cumulative basis. So what thoughts do you choose to give your symptoms or pain? Do you say “that hurts… I’m sick…” or do you say “everything is already healthy”? What information are you directing into your body?

I know this can sound counter-intuitive at first, but we cannot get away from the fact that our Shen (mind) programs our Qi and Body (Jing).

And just a word of caution – usually illness is created by an accumulation of negative thinking / habits / emotions / stress/ traumas etc, so to effect true complete healing we WILL need to address these issues. This is what I teach in my 9 pillars of health mastery, where we address all areas of your life to effect complete healing on all levels from the inside out, and as much as possible without the need for medication or supplements.

But as far as checking your breasts, if you’re going to ‘check’ them, please send positive, healthy information into them simultaneously, and give more focus to them being healthy than on having a lump!

And at the same time, you can lovingly massage them and thank them while sending in the good energy and information. This will be much more beneficial because your thoughts and feelings really do create the reality of your body!


You can check out my free ‘what causes illness’ or ‘what healthcare is right for me’ series for more ways to enhance your health from the inside out.

My colleague Johannes is running a webinar on what really causes breast cancer. IT WILL BE FASCINATING. If you are fed up of hearing the media going on about ‘finding a cure’ (and never doing so), or know someone who would like an alternative medication-free surgery-free option to breast cancer, THIS IS A MUST-WATCH EVENT. You can register here for the webinar.

Be well!


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