Are you ready to step out of the (health) matrix?

‘What is life like outside the healthcare matrix? Once you step out of it, you may discover a whole new world you never knew existed’.

Are you in… or are you out…?

Which pill will you take? The red or the blue? Or as you may discover, no pill at all?

If you’ve watched the movie the ‘Matrix’ you will know the story revolves around the main character – Neo – navigating his way out of the ‘matrix’ of collective consciousness society.

Whilst people living inside the matrix think their lives are normal, as Neo discovers, there is a whole new world beyond, which most people have no idea exists… until something unexpected forces them beyond the confines of their reality.

We can liken this situation to the current healthcare system which has prevailed for the last few hundred years. Just like Neo, who was oblivious to life outside the matrix before he unexpectedly discovered there was life beyond it, so it is with our healthcare system.

So what is life like within, and beyond, the healthcare matrix?

If you reside inside it, your healthcare paradigm will likely include:

  • believing the only way, or at least number one choice for dealing with illness, is to visit a doctor and be prescribed medication, or possibly surgery
  • never really questioning why symptoms of illness are created, just accepting it as normal
  • not seeing the connection between stress and illness, and how life traumas can lead to sickness
  • believing TV ads which tell you the best thing to do when you have the flu or cold is to mask symptoms with medication and get on with your day
  • thinking vaccinations are the normal and natural way to prevent viruses
  • not really understanding that the mind and emotions can be the primary cause of physical symptoms
  • mainly focusing on treating symptoms rather than causes, because you don’t really understand or are not particularly interested in what causes illness – you just want to get rid of symptoms as quick as possible

If you live inside the matrix, you are likely to have little familiarity with ‘natural’ or ‘alternative’ therapies, shrugging them off as ‘woo woo’ and ineffective.

You are also likely to think that illness is a mistake, that the body has ‘gone wrong’, and try to ‘fight’ illness and ‘get rid of’ symptoms. You will not understand that symptoms are your best friend, trying to give you a message through your discomfort and pain. And you will likely have no idea how your body has an inbuilt self-healing mechanism designed to reverse even the most chronic symptoms without external intervention, if you know how.

So what is life like outside the healthcare matrix? Once you step out of it, you may discover a whole new world you never knew existed.

In this brave new world you will find:

  • healthcare practitioners who have a radically different understanding of what illness is all about, and who will tell you your body has incredible self-healing abilities
  • a new way of dealing with illness wherebye it’s normal and necessary to investigate and clear the ‘root’ causes in order to reverse symptoms
  • hundreds of new options for healing which you never knew existed and which would take a lifetime to explore
  • that the type of healthcare options you hear about or try are directly linked with your current level of ‘consciousness’
  • therapies and solutions which seem unbelievable, and yet they are real and work
  • that symptoms are intelligent, necessary and often a sign the body is healing itself rather than getting ill or making a mistake
  • what you previously thought was true or possible is turned on its head

So how do you get outside the matrix?

There are various ways.

Sometimes it may be you are born into this brave new world, and it’s just what is normal for you.

Other times you are forced into this new world through severe illness, where you tried the conventional methods but they didn’t work.

Or maybe you gradually make your way out of the matrix, with one foot in each camp as you explore new horizons.

Either way, the reality is this brave new world exists, awaiting more and more visitors. And it is here right now, ready to offer its new inhabitants solutions to illness they have never dreamed of.

If you’re ready to step out of the matrix, it’s waiting for you. And you don’t even have to take a pill.

Bon voyage 🙂


If you’re ready to step out, you may find my program ‘Which healthcare model is right for me?’ a useful introduction to this topic.



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