Scientific proof that we have the power to change our genes

Epigenetics – the new science that goes ‘above and beyond’ (epi) genetics.

“If I put you in a bad environment, your cells will make pathology” Dr Bruce Lipton

It’s official! Gone are the days when we can say “it’s in my genes” or “it runs in my family”. Genealogy is no longer to blame for hereditary illness and we can no longer claim to be victims of our genes. At last, we can take back our power and reclaim our divine birthright of good health!

Well, actually, this fact has been known for some time now, thanks in particular to the pioneering work of Dr Bruce Lipton who has been researching this for over 45 years. But the information has been slow to reach the mass populace. Until now.

It was a pleasure to listen to Dr Lipton at the inaugural Holistic Cancer Congress in Auckland this week, along with other visionary speakers including:

chronic illness causation specialist Richard Moat PhD
• nutrition guru Jason Shon Bennett
• EFT for cancer expert Jasmina Kovacev
• holistic doctors Dr Robin Kelly and Dr Tim Ewer
• and naturopath David Holden who specializes in treating cancer

We really are in the midst of a breakthrough in science, and not a moment too soon.

Dr Lipton has been turning Newtonian physics on its head for some time now. Whilst for years it was commonly believed, and taught, (and by the way, still is being taught) in medical school that DNA is responsible for ‘incurable’ hereditary illnesses”, it has long since been proven that genes are actually ‘expressed’ (turned on or off) by our environment. This means both our internal and external environment.

Even Einstein knew this when he said: “The field is the sole governing agency of matter”. And what is this field? It’s the soup of energy which we all live and breathe in, which extends both infinitely inside and outside our body.

So, lesson number 1: EVERYTHING is energy, even if it looks solid. This is the domain of the new science of ‘quantum physics’ which studies matter at a microscopic or ‘quantum’ level. The only reason we do not perceive ourselves as vibrating molecules is because of the speed the energy is moving.

So how is it that our field is affected, resulting in the turning on of genes which lead to a breakdown of the immune system?

As humans we are on the receiving end of thousands of ‘energy’ signals every day from our environment. From an external and potentially harmful perspective this includes noise, chemical pollutants (pesticides, insecticides, PCBs, heavy metals), EMF pollution, GMO foods, junk food, chlorinated water and… toxic people.

For example, food is something we put into our ‘internal’ environment from the ‘external’ environment on a daily basis. Dr Lipton says, “The food you eat adjusts your genes. Your genes are adjusted by your food. You are what you eat!”. Hence the importance of a good diet because never before have we seen such a prevalence of obesity and cancer in the world today.

We also create and adjust our internal environment through the thousands of thoughts and feelings we send ourselves or experience every day. And remember, our thoughts and feelings are also energy (which is why emotions are really e-motion – energy in motion).

So what is the effect of these signals inside our own personal ecosphere? They resonate throughout our ‘field’ turning certain genes on and off! And guess what. Negative (life-depleting) energy / signals turn on illness-inducing genes, whilst positive (life-affirming) energy / signals create healthy DNA. It’s as simple as that.

We now know that only 5% of the population is actually born with a genetic defect or physical problem which may or may not ‘express’ (turn into) into an illness. We can no longer say “it runs in the family”. Which means 95% of illness is the direct result of our internal or external environment turning on disease-creating genes.

It has also been proven that energy signals are one hundred times more efficient than chemicals in causing changes to a biological system. 100 times! In other words, energy therapy is 100 times more powerful than common prescription drugs. And most doctors will still call energy healing ‘quackery’.

What is the solution? Pay attention to your environment and what you put in your body… physically, mentally, emotionally. Watch every piece of food and drink which enters your mouth and every thought which crosses your mind. Become aware of your emotional life and learn how to manage your emotional energy so it doesn’t distort the field inside your body.

We now have the power to influence our health through managing our internal and external environments in a positive way. Your health is in your hands.

Be well!

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