When persistence pays off

I share this in the spirit of giving hope:

  • to anyone who has struggled with Qigong practice, in particular resistance to practice
  • to anyone who has struggled with experiencing authentic happiness and peace

I started learning Qigong 18 years ago, and whilst I’ve always found the seated meditations pleasurable and relatively easy, standing and moving Qigong has been another kettle of fish.

I remember not so long ago sharing with a colleague how I found it difficult to maintain a consistent, daily practice, and he replied ‘well, why wouldn’t anyone want to practice every day?’, because for him practice was easy.

I’ve noticed over the years how regular practice seems to come effortlessly to some practitioners, whilst to others (like myself) it has been a constant daily battle to make myself to do something which I know will benefit me, and yet has been intensely challenging. At times, with such long gaps between practice, I even felt out of integrity to call myself a Qigong teacher.

I soul-searched for years, asking myself why something so good for me was so difficult, and the closest I came to an answer was recognizing a deep-seated resistance to feeling happy. Well, that made sense, because if doing Yuan Gong brings you to happiness, then anything threatening my old habit of unhappiness would meet resistance from my unconscious!

In particular standing form (Di Yuan) was my arch nemisis. I remember back in the days of Zhineng Qigong, finding myself in agony crumpled up on the floor during group practice, my feet seering in pain, whilst everyone else around me (or so it seemed) were blissfully standing in ‘3 centres merge’. And when I did manage to make it through a practice session, it was only because of the mental tactics I would employ to fool my mind to keep going through the intense bodily discomfort, such as counting the seconds of each minute on one finger until I used up all 10 fingers, and then starting all over again.

I’ve also spent years struggling to find an authentic happiness which some people just appeared to have naturally. I seemed to have a glass ceiling of happiness, and whenever anyone asked me ‘How are you today?’, even though I really wanted to say ‘great’ or ‘fine’ (and mean it), it just felt incongruent to say that because it wasn’t what I was feeling inside.

Well I’m happy to report that much of this seems to have changed after our final teacher training retreat last year.

For the first time ever I am enjoying Di Yuan standing form and it’s not agony. For the first time ever I am finding it pleasurable and easy. Yes, miracles do happen!

And I can truly say I have a sense of joy inside my heart I have never experienced before, so that when people ask me ‘how are you?’ I can genuinely answer ‘great’! After a lifetime of limited happiness, including periods of severe depression, I cannot tell you how great it is to be able to feel this.

And I can put this transformation down to 3 things:

  1. Persisting and keeping going even after long periods of no practice for days or weeks – just never giving up
  2. My heart finally opening enough to allow me to feel a constant state of warmth and contentment. I put this down to the effects of Tong Yuan practice.
  3. The overall effects of Ren Xue and Yuan Gong which if applied long enough will take effect

I am deeply grateful to have found Yuan Tze and his teachings. I knew from the moment I met him exactly 9 years ago that I had met the teacher I had been looking for.

After years of searching, there is no more searching. Now it’s just about learning and applying. Recently I went to a yoga festival with all sorts of wonderful presenters, and I had no desire to go to any of the classes, because all I want to do now is practice and implement what I have learnt through Ren Xue and Yuan Gong. It’s true when Yuan Tze says it’s important to find one vehicle to take you to your destination, and to go deep with that vehicle rather than skim along the surface trying lots of different approaches.

There is no doubt in my mind that Ren Xue has the tools to take us where we want to go, and the trick is to persevere and never give up.

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How Qigong saved my life

For the past 9 years I have been learning from Yuan Tze. Having the good fortune to learn from such a teacher is one of the greatest, if not the greatest, blessing one can have in one’s life.  Nothing compares to experiencing the ‘heart to heart’ transmission of information from a true master of wisdom. 

18 years ago I was at a loss as to how to overcome the debilitating symptoms of chronic fatigue and clinical depression which had kept me unable to work and virtually housebound for 5 years.

By that stage I had tried over 140 therapies in my bid to find answers, and nothing had worked. I was desperate. So desperate I sold my house in one last effort to find the missing piece of the puzzle by travelling overseas to try yet more avenues.

11 months later, and another 50 therapies added to my tally, I was still no further to finding the truth. Laid up in bed in a hotel room in Los Angeles, barely able to move with exhaustion, my next stop was due to be attending a workshop on an ancient Chinese healing massage technique in San Francisco. I prayed to God to somehow get me on the plane, and somehow I did.

After lying in bed for 2 days, I ordered a cab to take me to the clinic, where I experienced the turning point I had been waiting for for 5 years. After almost crawling in the room on my hands and knees, I was able to walk out 2 hours later and take the train back to my hotel.

How did such a transformation happen?

Because in one fell swoop I learned and experienced the powerful healing benefits of Qigong. Specifically I experienced an ancient Chinese technique called ‘internal organs Qi massage’ (Chi Nei Tsang), which releases blocked Qi within the internal organs and energy pathways (meridians). For me it was an emotional Qi release which was needed: years of emotional pain was let go of during that session as I laid on the table, sobbing non-stop for an hour whilst old, unacknowledged deep wounds were given permission to release.

This was the start of my love-affair with Qigong.

When you practice Qigong you learn how to increase the quality and quantity of Qi in your body. This has a knock-on positive effect on all levels of your being: physical, mind, emotions and Spirit.

What is Qigong

Qigong literally translates as ‘energy (Qi) cultivation (gong)’. Qi is the fundamental building block of life. Everything comes from Qi and is made from Qi. In India it is called Prana, in Korea Ki. Your mind, thoughts and physical body are all made from Qi. Without Qi there is no life. It is the most microscopic matter at a quantum level, from which all molecules, cells, tissues, organs, as well as mind, thoughts and emotions are built.

When you practice Qigong you learn how to increase the quality and quantity of Qi in your body. This has a knock-on positive effect on all levels of your being: physical, mind, emotions and Spirit, elevating your life to new levels.

After experiencing such a profound transformation, I immediately started to train in Qigong to heal myself further. Despite having had such a profound experience, there was still more work to be done to effect total recovery. For the next 5 years I studied and practiced Chi Nei Tsang and accompanying emotional clearing techniques. It completely transformed my health, and was the foundation for becoming an emotional healing coach.

Fast forward 9 years, and I intuitively knew it was time to find a new teacher. I had a sense something was missing from my Qigong practice, and I was keen to find out what that was. Enter Master Yuan Tze.

I will always remember the first time I met Yuan Tze. I knew I was in the presence of an authentic Qigong Master the minute I entered the room. The energy was palpable and I was sold on the spot.

He told me my job (everyone’s job) in life is to discover the ‘laws of life’ and ‘laws of health’, and then learn how to follow them. Just as when we break societal laws there are consequences, there are also consequences for breaking the laws of health: unhappiness, illness and life problems.

For the past 9 years I have been learning from Yuan Tze. Having the good fortune to learn from such a teacher is one of the greatest, if not the greatest, blessing one can have in one’s life.  Nothing compares to experiencing the ‘heart to heart’ transmission of wisdom information from a true master of wisdom. 

Yuan Tze has written about his own extraordinary journey in several books, and spends his time travelling the world teaching Ren Xue (‘human life science’) – the science of becoming a true human being. His teachings include a mix of Qigong exercises (for increasing the quality and quantity of Qi) known as Yuan Gong, theory on how to cultivate and elevate one’s consciousness, and Qi healing (Yuan Ming) techniques.

There is no doubt in my mind that my life has been forever changed through studying and practicing Qigong. It is the birthright of everyone to have access to these self-help techniques for healing, harmony and longevity.

It would take a lifetime to explain and share more about Yuan Tze’s teachings. The best way to experience them is to attend a retreat, with him or one of his teachers in person.

Yuan Tze will be visiting the UK for the first time ever this July. You can read more about his workshop on the following links:

Register for Brighton Yuan Gong and Qi Healing workshop with Yuan Tze Brighton July 2018

Yuan Gong Yuan Tze Brighton flyer (pdf)

Alternative online registration for Yuan Tze Yuan Gong workshop Brighton July 2018

Ren Xue Intl Facebook Group

“The purpose of Yuan Gong practice is to better align human life with its governing laws. When we follow the laws of life, we can be healthy. The more profoundly we follow the laws, the healthier we get.”

— Yuan Tze

About the author:

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Kim Knight is a transformational health coach who shows people how to tap into the self-healing powers of the human body and mind. She is a fully certified Yuan Gong and Yuan Ming practitioner. www.kimknighthealth.com

The power of en-courage-ment to heal

This weekend a friend told me he doesn’t ever recall being encouraged by family or even many friends. It’s a sad and common truth which many people experience, including most of my clients, and which I can unfortunately relate to myself.

In fact, in my experience, the habit of encouragement is such an important part of wellbeing and health, it’s worth a blog to itself.

So what makes the act of encouraging others so important?

The clues are in the etymology (meaning):

According to the English dictionary ‘encourage’ means to ‘give support, confidence, or hope to (someone)’.

We will have more clues however if we look at the French dictionary. Encourage has its origins in Old French ‘encoragier’, to ‘make strong or hearten’. Encoragier comes from the word ‘coeur’ which means ‘heart’ in French. When we encourage someone we literally ‘lift their heart’, the seat of the Soul or Spirit.

The act of encouragement is so vital for physical, mental and emotional wellbeing that not receiving enough can leave us with rock-bottom self-esteem, self-worth and self-belief.

The act of encouragement is so vital for physical, mental and emotional wellbeing that not receiving enough of it can leave us with rock-bottom self-esteem, self-worth and self-belief.

In turn, deep unconscious feelings of ‘I’m not good enough, I don’t deserve’ (happiness, success, abundance, to be loved etc…) lead to dis-ease as a direct result of unhealthy behaviours and lifestyle habits which stem from these core limiting beliefs.

For people who are chronically sick, they have often endured a lifetime of criticism, judgement, punishment and abuse, all of which are the direct opposite of encouragement.

When we are criticized, chastised, humiliated and put down by others, (often the very people who were charged with our wellbeing, ie parents, caregivers, teachers), we come to believe we are unworthy and ‘bad’. We become ‘dis-heartened’ and ‘dis-spirited’ , which leads to hopelessness, helplessness and despair, which turn into anxiety, depression and even illness.

When we are encouraged, we feel ‘light-hearted’, optimistic, positive, hopeful and self-confident. We trust in our ability to navigate our way through life.

By contrast, when we are encouraged, we feel ‘light-hearted’, optimistic, positive, hopeful and self-confident. We trust in our ability to navigate our way through life. We feel we can cope and manage the challenges which come our way. We feel that people around us will support us in times of need, and that we can ask for help. If we grow up without encouragement, our heart is literally ‘broken’ because it’s ‘soul-destroying’.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of encouragement for health and happiness. If we have grown up without it, and even worse experienced the opposite, we will also find it difficult to encourage ourselves; instead we may be quite hard on ourselves, always putting ourselves down, comparing ourselves to others, beating ourselves up… It’s not a pretty sight (in our mind), but it’s what we’re used to, because it’s what we experienced growing up and it’s what we know. It’s familiar. 

So what is the way out?

As always the number one step is AWARENESS. Becoming aware of what is, whether that be recognizing the lack of encouragement, or our own self-defeating habits and behaviours.

The number one rule for recovering from unhappiness and chronic illness is self care. We have to give to ourselves what we never received.

The next step is SELF-LOVE and SELF-CARE. In fact the number one rule for recovering from chronic illness is self care. We have to give to ourselves what we never received. This is no easy task, because initially we don’t even have the neural pathways in our brain to know what love, care and encouragement are.

And we have to learn how to RECEIVE. We have spent so long protecting ourselves from receiving love because of the pain of rejection which led us to close our hearts, that we don’t know how to receive positive attention, including love and encouragement. As we say in Tong Yuan (Creating a Barrier-Free Heart) ‘it’s an art to love, and it’s an art to be loved’.

And we have to learn how to praise ourselves. I call this SELF-APPRECIATION. We have to learn how to appreciate who we are, just for being alive, and recognize our achievements. We must practice this daily.

When I work with clients, they learn all of this: they learn how to recognize past pain and clear it. They learn how to appreciate and love themselves in practical, tangible ways. They learn how to put a stop to continuing unfair treatment from others. They learn how to put themselves first without feeling guilty. All of this can be learned, and we must do this if we never learned to do it when we were children. I also encourage my clients a lot!

One of the ways I help people re-learn encouragement is by teaching them a daily meditation called ‘Tong Yuan’. Tong Yuan is a Chinese term which means ‘create a barrier-free heart’.

When we are hurt in the past, we automatically and unconsciously (energetically) ‘close’ our hearts  to protect from further hurt. A closed heart prevents us from experiencing and receiving love. It also perpetuates the lack of trust and fear which has built up inside us. The way out is to open the heart back up so we can experience what are called the ‘5 essential qualities of the heart: trust, openness, love, gratitude and respect. 

There are many ways to open the heart back up, but practicing Tong Yuan is a safe, easy, practical and efficient way to do so. It’s a daily practice which one can use for the rest of one’s life to keep building love, trust and self-awareness.

Whatever method you choose, the most important thing is to reverse the damage that a lack of encouragement has created. It’s also essential to have patience, because this is not something which changes overnight. But with persistence we can re-build courage and love in our heart.

Bon voyage!

If you want to learn more about Tong Yuan and how to open your heart check out the following links”

Introductory Tong Yuan program

Full Tong Yuan program

All Kim’s online DIY programs



8 roadblocks to healing

From my own very long journey back to health from chronic fatigue, depression and many other ailments, plus working with hundreds of women, I have noticed there are certain habits, traits, beliefs or patterns which will halt progress in its tracks. Here they are…


This is one of the biggest misnomers that people looking for a solution will have: expecting healing to happen overnight, or even in a few weeks.

Why is it unrealistic to think this?

Because in 99% of cases, illness takes years to build up in the body, even before symptoms are noticed, and expecting an overnight change, without making the necessary changes within ourselves we need to make, is the biggest mind trick ever. In every client I have yet worked with, the actual ‘set up’ happens within the first 10 years of life, but it is not apparent at this time.

Partly this expectation is fueled by our healthcare system which does offer ‘quick fixes’ in the form of medication or surgery. For example, anti-depressants can take effect in a few days or weeks, allowing us to continue on with our daily life as before, without ever asking the question ‘why am I ill in the first place?’ Blood pressure pills can balance our blood pressure in days, but if we don’t explore why the pressure is out of balance in the first place, we are just placing the proverbial plaster on the wound.

The problem with this is, unless we discover and address what created the symptoms, the real problem is not being addressed, and symptoms are merely being masked, and will usually re-occur in some other form sooner or later.

Advertising also fuels this misnomer. How many ads have you watched telling you that if you have the flu or a strained back ‘just take xyz medication’ and you can get on with your day as if nothing has happened? No! If your body is sending you symptoms, it is asking you to take stock of what is going on in your life to understand what has brought it into this state of ‘dis-ease’. If you have the flu, the natural intelligence of your body is telling you it needs to rest and repair. Your body is not a machine and it deserves your care and respect! If you have chronic fatigue syndrome, your body is telling you to stop and re-assess your whole life, and how you are ‘doing’ life. Every symptom has a message which is waiting to be interpreted, and this must be done.

So expecting your body to self-repair overnight or in one session is simply unrealistic, and this must be understood and accepted. Then the real work of healing (which means ‘to become whole’) can begin.


Often we can think that one therapy will be the one-stop-shop solution.

In my experience as a practitioner working with many clients, this is less likely to be the case. For my personal experience, I had to test and implement a number of methods to get results.

Whilst some people can hit on one therapy which will be the one ‘miracle cure’, the percentage of people this happens to is much less, and in my personal experience I would say about 5% of people are this fortunate. For the other 95%, we are going to have to use more than one approach.

Why is this?

Because finding and addressing the real root cause of illness, and all the many potential contributing factors, is not that simple. There may be physical factors, emotional reasons, belief and thinking factors, dietary issues, geopathic stress, environmental issues,  toxic issues, people issues, genetic or epigenetic issues, lifestyle and habit factors which need to be addressed. The list is long.

Many therapies are developed to focus on one particular issue, and may be perfect for that, and brilliant at addressing that one particular issue, but just like expecting ‘one religion to fit all’, it is unrealistic to expect that a therapy will address all causes.

So for example supplements can help with nutritional deficiencies, but they will not address the trauma and stress of dealing with an abusive partner which is creating the ‘dis-ease’ in the digestive system in the first place.

Plus what works for one person will not necessarily work for another! Which is why it is so important to follow our ‘gut’ feeling to find what ‘feels‘ right for us, and why healing is a journey of self-discovery. We must be prepared that we may need to use multiple approaches and that this will not happen overnight.

In my experience, getting well from a chronic illness is a cumulative process, where finding and implementing different strategies will eventually, sooner or later, help us to reach our goal of wellness.


This is a very common expectation, especially if we have been ill for a long time. Of course we want to be well again, but putting time deadlines on the body does not work at all. In fact, it slows down progress because it puts our body under pressure to achieve a result it cannot achieve without right understanding of what has caused the problem, and right rectification of that problem.

A much better question to ask is ‘what is it I need to learn or change in my life in order to bring my body back into balance? What is it I need to do to stop damaging my body‘. Once we discover this, and implement it, and once our super intelligent body sees that we mean for real to live our life in a healthier way, and we have proven that we are no longer going to ‘damage’ it with negative beliefs, behaviours and actions, it will bring itself back into health. It doesn’t want to be unwell any more than you do, but it will keep you unwell if there are still lessons to be learned.


While it is true, useful and sometimes very necessary that we receive emergency treatment, medication or surgery, we must look at the bigger picture. We must understand that our body is a self-healing mechanism that can and will self-heal given the right circumstances.

The more we understand this, the more self-responsibility we can start to take for our health. We become more aware of what it is that WE are doing to create or perpetuate illness. Then we can start to make necessary changes and get a different result. As the saying goes ‘the definition of insanity is doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different result‘.

Initially it may feel scary to feel that we play such a huge role in our health, but ultimately when we take back our power and become self-masterful, it is a highly satisfying and empowering experience.


When a client comes to me and says ‘I’ve tried everything’ my first question will be to get a specific list of what ‘everything’ means. Usually I find although it may seem like a long list to the person, it is not nearly ‘everything’. Usually the number will be somewhere between 5 and 20 therapies.

Having tried and tested nearly 200 therapies myself, and trained professionally in 20, I know that I am also nowhere near to ‘trying everything’! There are an abundance of health modalities in the world today, and the more countries and cultures you experience, the more health approaches you will discover. On my journey to discover solutions to my illness, I travelled to Egypt, Mexico, USA, Canada, Costa Rica, Guatamala, UK, Fiji, Australia, New Zealand and more and discovered some truly unique therapies!

So whether you have tried 5 or 50 therapies, why is it that thinking we have ‘tried everything’ will prevent our progress? Well, for 3 core reasons:

  1. When we think we have ‘done it all’, we close our mind to new possibilities, and when our mind is closed, it cannot learn something new. In order for the change and transformation we are seeking to occur, we MUST be open to new information and possibilities, otherwise we are doing the ‘same old same old’ again and again, even if it is with a different method.
  2. We may often have tried many therapies, but have you yet tried the right approach for what you need? If we are not using an approach that addresses the real root cause of the symptom, then it is unlikely we will find the answer. Most people are unaware that many health approaches never get near the root cause.
  3. If we really have tried multiple therapies and nothing is working, then we need to ask ourselves one question: ‘what is the common denominator here?’ – and of course it’s us! Which means there must be something in us which is not yet changing or open to change, and this holds the key to the breakthrough we are looking for. It also means there is some vital piece of the puzzle which is still missing. We must find this piece, and this is precisely what I offer in my foundation ‘Kiwi Health Detective Session‘. In one 90 minute session we discover those missing pieces.


Similar to ‘I’ve tried everything’, the thought that we already know the answer will block our ability to see and hear new possibilities. We must keep our mind open to new information.

We must also let go of what we think we know and develop ‘beginners’ mind’.

As ancient Masters say “You cannot fill a cup that is already full. Empty the cup first”.

Even if you think you already know it, let go of the urge to think or say this when receiving advice from an expert, because they may just say something which could change your life. Which brings me to the last point…


Now this piece of information is probably one the BIGGEST mindset changes that blows people’s minds if this is the first time they have heard it!

Physical symptoms are less likely, than more likely, to be caused by something that has nothing to do with any physical! Of course this goes against the grain of much of our ‘education’.

For me it was the missing piece of the puzzle: for years I tried physical therapies, never realizing that what was going on my mind and emotions was affecting my body. But as you will discover, everything we feel and think changes our chemistry, and chemistry is what makes our cells; when we feel and experience good-feeling thoughts and emotions, this will have a beneficial impact on our cells. When we feel and experience negativity and negative emotions, this will lead our cells to experience something completely different. This is why learning to keep ourselves ’emotionally clear’ is necessary for health, as well as happiness.


Whether we like it or not, we all have our ‘blind sides’ where we cannot see our ‘stuff’. The interesting thing is, other people can see our stuff!

I remember the day I realized I was super stressed: one day I just became aware that I was really, really stressed, and that I needed to do something about it for the good of my health. The funny thing was, as I saw this, I knew I had been this way for years, but until that moment I had not ‘re-cognized’ it consciously. Upon having the recognition, I then saw that everyone else had been seeing it, but not me!

As human beings we are simply ‘not aware of what we are not aware of’, until we become aware. This is the key to healing most illnesses and unhappiness: becoming aware of what we were previously unaware of, and then having new choices.

As the saying goes, we can never see ‘the dark side of the moon’, and so it is with human consciousness. We need help to see our blind side, and this is why a coach is so invaluable and can save you years of  pain and thousands of dollars in wasted effort.


Recovering from chronic illness is not easy. It can often bring us to our knees, but there is a reason for it, and lessons to be learned, and a gift in the journey. We must be prepared to put in the work, to persevere, to commit to ourselves no matter what.

As one of my first teachers said “healing is a journey of transformation: when you heal you change and are never the same again”. True healing requires that we transform and transcend our previous self. This is going to require change on all levels: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Often illness is a sign we have gone off track, and it is a way of bringing us back on track.

Illness is never random, it always has a message, a story, a meaning. It is our body trying to tell us something, because our natural state is to be healthy, so if we are experiencing anything but this, it means we need to do and learn whatever it is to return to our natural state of health, which is possible.

In the words of Winston Churchill, “never, never, never give up”.

About the author

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Kim Knight is a health and empowerment coach who helps women ‘who do too much but value themselves too little’ to take back control of their life. www.kimknighthealth.com


What constitutes a working ‘brain’ and why is our head brain not the only brain we need to pay attention to?

by Kim Knight, The Art of Health

Do you know you have multiple brains?

  • Are you aware you have a complex and intelligent brain in your gut which contains over 500 million neurons and is the equivalent size and complexity of something like a cat’s brain?
  • And would you like to understand why people exhibit personality changes after heart surgery or why negative emotions such as anger and hostility can damage the heart and lead to coronary disease?
  • Do you know your 3 brains develop in a different order in the womb and why this is significant?

All these topics and more will be looked at during the extraordinary free mBraining webinar which launches this week on the Art of Health EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE SUMMIT.

Marvin Oka and Grant Soosalu, creators and authors of the revolutionary new mBraining mBIT technology, which shows how to align and integrate our multiple brains, and will be broadcasting the latest findings in neuroscience to a global audience.

During their 2 free online webinars they will explain:

  • What mBraining is, what our 3 brains are and why we need to use them to achieve our maximum potential out of life.
  • What actually constitutes a working ‘brain’ and why our head brain is not the only brain we need to pay attention to
  • How the knowledge of multiple brains has been around for thousands of years and why it is only just being proven by science
  • How our 3 brains develop from the time we are in the womb including which brains develop first and why this is significant.
  • Why we need to understand the prime functions of each brain and know which order to use them in!
  • Why people can exhibit personality changes after heart surgery and why negative emotions such as anger and hostility can damage the heart and lead to coronary disease
  • How despair, depression, hopelessness and apathy are linked to heart disease and how positive emotions are an antidote to heart disease

Fortunately mBraining has multiple solutions to help you use your multiple brains!

Marvin will also share:

  • How our gut brain exhibits neuro plasticity and can learn, form memories, take on new behaviours and grow new neurons, and what this means for people with chronic gut conditions
  • The 5 different classes of issues which arise for people when their brains are not aligned or fully integrated
  • The number one thing you can do to align and bring your 3 brains into ‘coherence’ which is so simple you will probably have completely overlooked it!
  • How we can use positive emotions to as an antidote to heart disease
  • How it may be more reliable to trust your heart brain than your head brain when making decisions
  • The mBIT roadmap, an explicit framework that outlines a clear path for working with and getting the most out of your 3 brains!

and a whole heap more!

Free mBraining Webinar

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This webinar marks the launch of the ground-breaking EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE SUMMIT, where 28 experts in the use of our 3 brains have come together to share how to transform every facet of our life: health, wealth, career, parenting, relationships, education and more. Plus, how emotional intelligence is a pre-requisite on the path of soul and evolutionary development, and how emotions affect the environment.

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Emotional Intelligence Summit Sept 2012

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By Kim Knight, Health Coach, finalist for New Zealand Woman of the Year 2011 Category: Health and Science

“Yes, we used to think the world was round and the sun moved round the earth. And now we know better”

Why is it most people still believe that ‘Doctor is King’ and has all the answers?

Recently I had an email from a colleague who has been ill for a few weeks, who had been told by her doctor “it may be polymyalgia”. Polymyalgia is a name for a group of symptoms, (a group of symptoms being a syndrome) for which, according to mainstream medicine, ‘there is no known cause’. It’s really just a way of saying ‘you have lots of different symptoms and we haven’t got a clue what is causing them’.

What was really interesting in her email was the phrase “I’m waiting for the doctor to tell me what is wrong “.

Why, oh why, oh why, when there are a significant number of health professionals, including naturopaths, natural therapists and even a number doctors, who HAVE worked out the real root causes of such conditions, do we still believe doctors have all the answers?

Unfortunately because those dispersing the information are amongst those who still do not understand. And the problem is, people are still buying into it, which of course perpetuates the problem.

One of my favourite quotes is:

”All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” (Arthur Schopenhauer)

Yes, we used to think the world was round and the sun moved round the earth. And now we know better.

So think about this for a moment: I remember Richard Flook, founder of Meta Medicine saying “The medical profession do not know what causes the majority of diseases. And if you don’t know the cause, HOW CAN YOU TREAT IT?”

This is the whole crux of the problem with the common medical approach to chronic (long-term) conditions. Doctors are not trained (and certainly do not have time in a 15 minute consult) to discover the real root causes of a problem. Modern medicine, in most cases, deals with the end result only – symptoms. And in general the approach is ‘fix’ pain with drugs or surgery. There is very little attempt to look at why the body is actually creating or sending those symptoms.

“Symptoms have a very intelligent purpose and usually carry a message which is waiting to be interpreted”

Flook goes on to ask “Is disease meaningful or meaningless? Has the body made a mistake?” – most people to do not take the time to stop and ask “WHY is my body sending symptoms? Could there be a reason or purpose?”.

When we are in pain, of course we want to be out of pain as soon as possible, but the FACT is, if it is sending pain and symptoms, there IS ALWAYS a reason, and it’s up to US – not anyone else (although usually we need some help from others) – to work out what this is. So you see, symptoms have a very intelligent purpose and usually carry a message which is waiting to be interpreted.

Don’t get me wrong, I am in awe of what modern science can do in many ways – the cutting-edge technology that has been developed and life-saving surgeries which can be performed are truly amazing.

But it’s time once and for all that we knocked this belief on the head that the traditional doctor knows best. Doctors do NOT necessarily know best (unless you happen to come upon the emerging new breed of doctors who do see things from a wider perspective). YOU know best. YOU live in your body, you are the one to know about you the best. Although, because we have so many blindspots, particularly on an emotional and mental level, we do need help from professionals who specialize in this field to identify what is going on at these levels.

So next time a doctor tells you ‘We don’t know what is causing this’ or ‘the only solution is chemotherapy’, you might just want to stop and ask yourself ‘Could there be a reason for my symptoms which up until now I have not identified? Could there be someone who could help me discover the real reason for this pain which my infinitely intelligent body is sending me?’

About the author: Kim Knight is the Director of the Art of Health, a New Zealand-based company on the cutting-edge of healthcare.

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Knight on a Mission – the changing face of healthcare

One of 5 finalists nominated for New Zealand Woman of the Year in 2011 for innovations and contribution in health and science, Kim Knight is on a mission to change the face of healthcare in this country and worldwide.

Having recovered from a number of chronic illnesses, some of which are still classified by mainstream medicine as unsolvable, incurable or only treatable with drugs, she is on a mission to educate people on a new approach to healthcare.

Housebound and unable to work for several years as a result of chronic fatigue, major back pain and clinical depression, she sold her house to travel round the world, believing she may not have much longer to live.

Life it seemed had other plans, and rather than sinking into an abyss of no hope, she discovered what she now refers to as the ‘laws of health’ – natural laws which we must follow if we wish to avoid illness, recover from sickness and build thriving health.

Much of her knowledge and understanding comes from her study and practice of the ancient science of Qigong – Chinese exercises for keeping the body and mind healthy. In addition, she has trained in and implements a number of cutting-edge modalities such as Mickel Therapy (specialist treatment invented by a medical doctor for Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Insomnia, Irritable Bowel and other chronic diseases) and Moativational Medicine (specialist techniques for identify and resolving any illness or pain).

Ms Knight’s approach to healthcare includes a number of radical new perspectives, for example understanding:

  • the intelligent nature of symptoms and how they play a positive role in a person’s health
  • the link between emotions and health and the role negative emotions play in generating physical pain
  • the new science of epigenetics and how our environment influences our health by expressing (turning on or off) genes
  • the role of stress and how it is the foundation of disease (dis-ease)
  • the critical role of self care in the management of health

Rather than expecting someone else to fix our problems, Ms Knight teaches clients how to interpret the message beneath the symptoms or problem. She gives people information, tools, strategies and solutions to manage their health or recover from illness. This is, as her business name suggests, ‘The Art of Health and Science of Wellbeing’. Her tagline says it all: ‘Self care – a revolution in healthcare’.

Currently still representing a minority of the general population, Ms Knight is one of a growing number of health practitioners who understand how we can and need to revolutionize our healthcare system. In her words “it’s all a matter of education and awareness. We cannot put into practice what we don’t know. The Art of Health teaches people simple information that has been missing. My vision is a world where people are able to take care of their own health”.

For any sceptics who still find it difficult to believe stress and emotions are the biggest culprits of illness, she offers one of her favourite quotes by Arthur Schopenhauer: ” All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”

Kim Knight educates worldwide via teleseminars, private consultations and seminars.

She can be contacted at + 64 9 833 6553 / + 64 21 410 633

Her websites are www.artofhealth.co.nz   www.taohealthqigong.com  www.mickeltherapy.co.nz

Article: The Tao of Feminine Health

Taoist practices for cultivating the divine feminine

By senior Universal Tao Instructor Minke de Vos

“Sexual energy plays a very important role in our healing process. The more we open to love, the more we feel the energy run through our subtle body”.

The fountain of youth – the doorway to happiness and longevity

The Ancients have cultivated the intimate arts for centuries. They considered the cultivation of our primal sexual energy the foundation of a vigorous, enduring and fulfilling life.

Through the ancient Taoist practices we will tap into or “Fountain of Youth” and raise this rejuvenating energy to heal the body and soul and illuminate the spirit. Sexual energy plays a very important role in our healing process. The more we open to love, the more we feel the energy run through our subtle body.

How can we grow an abundance of vitality? The Inner Smile…

Smiling is one way! The essence of authentic connection starts with love for one self. One basic Healing Tao practice is the Inner Smile, which generates self love. When we feel appreciation, compassion and kindness our hearts open. Try to wake up in the morning and place your hand over your heart and the other over your sexual energy center, the ovarian palace, the lower part of your belly. Smile and breathe. Connect love in your heart with your creative life force. This will set the tone for the day of loving acceptance.

“Cultivating a relationship with your feminine essence makes fragrant the river of love between you, your loved ones and life itself”.

Cultivating a relationship with your feminine essence makes fragrant the river of love between you, your loved ones and life itself. The Healing Tao, brought to the West by Taoist Master Mantak Chia, offers excellent ways to increase our healing power. Take the time to gently nurture yourself on all levels, to bring more joy into your life, and prevent possible pain and suffering arising from negligence.

We all probably know someone who has dealt with a life-challenging condition like breast cancer. How can we prevent it?

Breast massage…

is a pleasurable way to improve chi circulation and break up stagnation, which can form into cancer. It liberates suppressed emotions, which can accumulate into “disease”. Regular practice helps early detection of anything unusual in the breast tissues. Avoid wearing under wire bras or remove the wire as it is also known to compress the lymphatic system and can cause cancer. When you remove your bra in the evening massage your breasts to get the circulation going. Enjoy a massage after you bathe. Massage makes the body feel loved, which releases growth and anti-aging hormones.

“Sexual energy amplifies our emotional state, so it is very important to transform any excessive “negative” emotions into virtues”.

Sexual energy amplifies our emotional state, so it is very important to transform any excessive “negative” emotions into virtues. The breast massage technique brings out the healing qualities of the organs’ energy. Expand the heart’s love in the breasts with warm outward spiralling motions. Give your thanks to your breasts for all they give to you, your possible children and lovers. The Divine Sophia was pictured as a woman with infinitely large breasts and all humankind suckled wisdom from her breasts. Embody the qualities of a Goddess of Compassion to raise the frequency of Mother Earth.

Ovarian Breathing…

“If we do not make friends with our creative power, we can become “allergic” to our own sexual energy, which can react in self-destructive ways”.

Ovarian breathing builds sexual vitality, increases fertility and stokes digestive fire. By holding the breath in the ovaries we increase the chi pressure, which burns up the “Heavy Water” of sluggish stagnation in the lower body. If we do not make friends with our creative power, we can become “allergic” to our own sexual energy, which can react in self-destructive ways. The womb is a space where women tend to store “negativity”, which can be breathed out like cloudy grey smoke and replaced with golden light of unconditional love.

Microcosmic Orbit…

“Circulating creative energy in this and other energy channels is a powerful way to awaken the power of spiritual perception and a sense of wholeness”.

Sexual energy is channelled, circulated and refined in the “Microcosmic Orbit”, which runs up the spine to the brain and down the front of the body or reverse. Circulating creative energy in this and other energy channels is a powerful way to cultivate the psychic centres, awakening the power of spiritual perception and creating a sense of wholeness. The compassion you cultivate in your relationship with your self and your lover can deepen your whole spiritual life.

Healing Sounds…

“Circulating energy in this orbit is excellent for curbing hot flashes, insomnia and other menopausal experiences”.

This “Warm Current Meditation” balances cool yin and warm yang energy. Circulating energy in this orbit is excellent for curbing hot flashes, insomnia and other menopausal experiences. The Healing Sounds can also be used to release excess heat, coldness and other imbalanced chi. The Heart Sound “HAAA” calms the “False Fire” in the heart, associated with over-doing and over-giving, which are both real dangers for women. As we let go, we can perceive our true feelings and needs more clearly.

Appreciating our beauty and sexuality

“Sexual energy is sacred. When our raw passionate energy is refined and channelled upwards to higher energy centers or chakras it becomes the power behind love, creativity and communion with the Divine or Universal Love”.

Beauty energizes us. Appreciate your unique beauty, and it will glow and grow from within. Coming to emotional, mental and spiritual peace with ourselves is the key for preventing illness and enhancing health. This natural self-confidence will reverberate into more harmonious relationships. Ultimately, developing greater compassion and inner beauty is our best protection and a gift to the universe. What we radiate comes back to us.

Body, soul and spirit are one being and work together naturally if we do not separate them and judge them as sinful or taboo. Sexual energy is sacred. When our raw passionate energy is refined and channelled upwards to higher energy centers or chakras it becomes the power behind love, creativity and communion with the Divine or Universal Love.

We can support and encourage each other to be creative and healthy. These workshops are powerful explorations of our essential energy and can free up creative expression. Learning from an experienced teacher with a supportive “group cauldron” can brew up some bliss and bring lightness into your step! Reviving your sensual sensitivity will give you the juice to transform your life and support your healing journey into radiant wellness.

Tao of Feminine Health Workshop 20-22 April

Click here for details of Minke’s 2 day retreat where you can learn breast massage, ovarian massage, ovarian breathing, bone breathing, the Inner Smile, Six Healing Sounds, and so much more…

Tao of Feminine Health Free Teleseminar 12 April

Click here to check out Minke’s FREE teleseminar on 12 April on breast and pelvic health, plus her own true story of a heart transplant

About Minke de Vos

Minka de Vos, Senior Universal Tao Instructor and Medical Qigong Therapist, is known as one of the top international teachers of Healing Qigong and Tao Tantra. She has worked alongside of Taoist Master Mantak Chia for over 25 years.

Director of Silent Ground Retreats, she teaches internationally and has devoted over 20 years to the practice of internal arts. She has a wide range of energetic and spiritual skills and an international reputation as a top teacher of chi kung, self-healing and women’s sexuality. Practitioners of all levels benefit from her creative teaching style, with its focus on living a vital, loving and passionate life.

She is the author of “Feminine Treasures” and “Heart Qigong”.

For more details see http://taohealthqigong.com/w-workshop-minke-feminine-health-2012.html

What if symptoms were actually part of the solution?

Could symptoms be part of the solution?

by Megan Otto

‘From the moment we are born the body has an intelligence system designed to look after us’

‘Hey you up there!  See that rash, growth, sneeze? It’s a message from your body. Are you listening?!’ Kim Knight, health and personal development coach explains symptoms are intelligent communication from the body to the head. “We are brought up in our society to think the head is king but actually the gut activates before the brain.”

Kim has tried over 150 different therapies and trained in Mickel Therapy, Energy Psychology, Qi Gong, Taoist Meditation and Emotional Intelligence to a professional level. She believes from the moment we are born the body has an intelligence system designed to look after us. It will scan 24 hours a day for information about happiness, healthiness and safety.  Being happy and healthy is the norm although that is oft forgotten. “Look at what happens when people come back from wars with post traumatic stress disorder. They can’t function,” says Kim.

“This body intelligence system knows what is going on in a person’s life and forms opinions about it. Then it sends communication asking us to do something. It will begin with Plan A – body sensations,” explains Kim. “These are simple and subtle. There are two body sensations which we are well trained in and we do notice. One is hunger. It is not a pain but is definitely a sensation telling us to eat something. The other is needing the toilet. We know what that feels like. We take appropriate action and the sensation stops.”

“I am putting power back in people’s hands. Given the right advice the body can be a self healing mechanism.”

However if Plan A is unsuccessful the directive is stepped up to Plan B – emotions. Negative emotions like, “I’m feeling frustrated/worried/afraid/anxious/sad/angry” are actually a healthy form of communication from the body to the head. Unfortunately this is the level we unconsciously train ourselves to ignore.  Then because the body is programmed to do its job come hell or high water it says, “Well okay you didn’t hear me so I am going to send you something louder which will get your attention. Plan C – symptoms.”

Symptoms like insomnia, food intolerances, eczema, asthma or skin irritations are often seen as minor but Kim believes they are a body’s cry for attention. Nonetheless initially the symptoms are often at a level where they are not inhibiting a person’s life so they can be masked with medication. “We haven’t yet asked ourselves, “Ok my body isn’t very happy about something.  What is going on here?” But over time the body can only function with so many symptoms before the state of dis-ease turns into disease.” And what most people do not realize is that the flight or fight response induces the physiology of the body to change.  Heart rate, breathing and nervous system ramp up, steroid hormone cortisol and adrenalin are released, digestion stops – the whole body is affected. This is when people start to get chronic conditions. “There have been many things happening before people get really sick,” observes Kim. “However our healthcare system is generally only really designed to deal with people once they get to that point.”

“Over time the body can only function with so many symptoms before the state of dis-ease turns into disease”.

An absence of awareness about our bodies is evidenced by hospitals with waiting lists.  This lack of responsibility for ourselves is what led to Kim’s health coaching practice. “I am putting power back in people’s hands. Given the right advice the body can be a self healing mechanism.”

One of the most common complaints is stress. Kim point outs that most people think this is caused by something external but she says it is always an internal reaction to a real or internalised event. Either way she trains clients to analyse underlying issues.

“What I have found is that people with chronic health conditions have not been looking after themselves or attending to their emotional needs”

Childhood emotions not being validated are a reoccurring pattern. Clients might have been told “Don’t be silly, don’t cry!” Consequently they stopped allowing themselves to feel.  Their modes operandi became fear because being authentic risks judgment or criticism. “To the emotional body that is the equivalent of dying,” says Kim.  Honesty is one of the prerequisites for health.

Another principle is no division between the physical, mental and spiritual layers of a person. She recalls the frustration of listening to a rheumatologist at a fibromyalgia seminar. He said, “We still don’t know what creates fibromyalia and we’re looking for a gene to isolate it.” And I’m like no, no, no we do know. Look at what happens in a person’s life and how it affects them!”

The U.K. Public Health Association published a major review by Sir Michael Marmot called “Fair Society, Healthy Lives” in 2010 and revisited it in 2011. Their research revealed “…health inequalities do not arise by chance and they cannot be attributed simply to genetic make up, ‘bad’ or unhealthy behaviour or difficulties in access to medical care as important as those factors may be…difference in health status is reflected and are caused by social and economic inequalities in society.”

The report goes on to say doing nothing to improve the wellbeing of the nation was not an option because the human cost would be enormous.

“…health inequalities do not arise by chance and they cannot be attributed simply to genetic make up” 

Kim bases her argument for better health on quantum physics, the science of energy. Go down to a million times magnification of a cell (by that stage it would be at a sub ‘quantum’ atomic level) and bizarrely enough all you would see is mainly space. “So when an emotion arises in the body and it is not resolved or discharged then it stays in the body. It is a vibration that gets trapped in the cell and over time it is repeated and augmented.  You can imagine how that has an effect at a cellular level. The energy starts to distort the vibration of the cell which manifest as a dysfunction. It is the law of physics – cause and effect.”

Even language illustrates the interconnectedness of energy with the body. According to the Chinese healing art of Qi Gong anger is stored in the liver – hence the saying, “I was livid with anger.” Just as common, “My heart sunk”, “My heart was filled with joy” or “I was sick with worry” (stored in the stomach and spleen).

‘It is never too late. Kim says people can turn themselves around’.

“What I have found is that people with chronic health conditions have not been looking after themselves or attending to their emotional needs,” maintains Kim. “They might have been unable to articulate their feelings or had others walk all over them. So they have a whole stack of trapped emotions inside their body. Which are now manifesting as symptoms.”

It is never too late. Kim says people can turn themselves around. “I had a girl on the phone absolutely exhausted with chronic fatigue syndrome. Her doctor had told her there is nothing we can do for you.  Unfortunately while modern medicine is fantastic in some areas some doctors only understand how to eradicate symptoms through medication or surgery. They know how to cut out a piece of cancer but not what the caused it. Obviously surgery is really good if someone has had a stroke, heart attack, something acute. But in this case it was chronic fatigue. I put together a jig-saw puzzle of the girl’s history and discovered she’d suffered traumas that she’d never told anyone about.”

Kim’s empathy comes from a break down she herself suffered 25 years ago. During the course of recovery she read a book which put forward the idea that all of reality is available to us at any given time. But we can only deal with so much at a certain time. And each person’s ‘reality cup’ will be different sized. Sometimes it gets over-full.

Kim knows there are some doctors who will take into account a whole person. For example The Australian Integrated Medical Association’s philosophy is medical care through integrating proven complementary medicine into mainstream practice. Kim is resolute, “I think we are in the middle or at least at the start of change.”

Kim Knight is a health and personal development coach based in Auckland, New Zealand, and working worldwide by phone with clients.


Megan Otto is a freelance writer also based in New Zealand. www.megan-otto.suite101.com


Are doctors in the dark ages?

On whether we need a fresh perspective to understand… and resolve….chronic pain and illness

So the question is: Are doctors in the dark ages? Well, no…. and yes.

I have a huge admiration for what modern medical science can do when it comes to, for example, extra-ordinary surgical techniques. Just this week a man left hospital with the world’s first artificial heart. And the stories of what can be done with brain surgery and prosthetic limbs are astounding. And too many other things to mention here, most of which I don’t even know about. However, this is not what this article is about.

My focus for the last twenty years has been on how to recover from illness without medication or supplements, and in particular long-term chronic illnesses such as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel, arthritis, lupus etc. The common factor in these illnesses according to the medical community is that they have yet to discover the cause. According to a medical presentation I recently attended, scientists are still looking to isolate a gene for fibromyalgia. In other words, they are still trying to pin the cause of the condition on some initial physical fault in the body. I felt like screaming with frustration as I sat in the audience and watched the doctor delivering his presentation, telling people that they are still working on looking for solutions but it may take another 25 years before they find any. Aaagh. The answers are already here! So why is it they are not obvious for everyone to see?

Because it comes down to awareness and our level of consciousness. (And by the way, this is where I have a lot to learn about being patient. It’s very easy for me to see things in a very different light now, but I have to remind myself it did take me 20 years of searching to get here. And I also know that I do not know everything by a long shot). However, I do know this:


Every week I have people call me with chronic conditions they have been diagnosed with, labelled with fancy medical names like idiopathic hypersomnia, Bahma Forest virus and Raynauds disease. By the time people make their way to me they have already investigated a number of therapies, been to medical specialists and had all sorts of tests or surgeries such as MRI scans, blood tests, colonoscopies and biopsies. And even after all the tests, the doctors still cannot give them an answer for their condition.

So, why is it they cannot find a cause when searching in the physical body?


Here’s an example of what I mean:

I remember one of my first clients, a 74 year old lady, who came to me for excruciating abdominal pain. She had been in hospital for three months, had every conceivable test under the sun, was on extreme pain medication which had no effect whatsoever. At the time I was practising Chi Nei Tsang (CNT) abdominal massage, which is why she had come to me, thinking that abdominal massage would help. However, CNT is much more that working at the physical level: it works to process undigested emotions which lie trapped in the digestive tract, in her case the colon. To cut a long story short, during the session she made contact with the emotional pain she had felt when her mother died, emotion which had never been felt or expressed. And as she gave herself permission to process this undigested energy and information, which was being held in the body at a cellular level, the pain disappeared. Instantly. Just like that.

So why is this? Because as a human being we are an amalgamation of mind, body, emotions and spirit. And whatever happens on one level WILL simultaneously affect all other levels. To take this a step deeper, we’re talking about quantum physics, or the newly emerging science (as mentioned by Deepak Chopra last week at his presentation in Auckland) quantum biology.

Quantum physics states that at a quantum (sub-atomic – smaller than an atom) level the body is actually just energy. To get an idea of how small a quantum is, put a cell under a microscope and magnify it a million times. We’re talking real small.

In Qi Gong we call this ‘Qi’ – the most fundamental level of life. And since physics states that matter cannot be destroyed, any energy, including emotional energy, not transformed at the time it arises in the body WILL get stored in the cells until we can deal with it. It’s as simple as that. Emotions (e-emotion – energy in motion – or not as the case may be) will be stored in the body if they are not resolved, dissolved, managed, transformed etc. And over time, this will build up to manifest as physical symptoms.

So here’s another new perspective, which most of the medical community still have not grasped:


That is actually a quote from a medical doctor, one of the few doctors who currently understands this philosophy, Dr David Mickel. Dr Mickel is the founder of the revolutionary ‘Mickel Therapy’ techniques for identifying and resolving the causes of chronic illness such as chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, which happens to be one of the core techniques I use.

Symptoms are your friend, your ally. They are here to help. They are a guidepost to tell you something is amiss and needs addressing in your life…. at a psycho-emotional level. The question is, are you going to take note, or are you going to continue to ignore and suppress the early warning (or emergency) distress signals (pain and symptoms) with medication? The choice is yours!

So, it’s time to wake up and see things from a new perspective. Symptoms have a purpose – they are here to tell you that your whole being is in a state of ‘dis-ease’ and that something needs to be done. Action is required. And more often than not it may be one of two things:

  1. Dealing with unresolved, unexpressed, unfelt emotional hurts from the past which are stored in the body as pain, sadness, anger, frustration, resentment etc
  2. Creating new habits of looking after yourself better by leading a more balanced lifestyle – ie, not driving yourself like a machine, and instead treating yourself like your own best friend.

And here’s the final thought for today:


So what does that mean? It means that we are designed to be healthy, this is our natural state, and anything else means we have gone off track. Unfortunately in our society sickness is no longer seen as strange or uncommon, it’s become the norm.

My hope is that one day (soon) we will have a much better understanding of ourselves and how we operate, and what we need to do to avoid illness and pain. Because I truly believe it is possible.

Obviously the medical model will have to change because in order to do this we are going to HAVE to pay attention to the whole person that is ill, rather than focusing on the condition and symptoms. The symptoms are just the end result. Which is why one of my teachers always says “We have to treat the person, not the symptoms”. And a 15 minute appointment with your doctor just doesn’t cut the mustard if you want to solve the riddle of a long-term illness!

So, next time your body sends you a symptom, whether it’s a headache, rash, belly ache or whatever, stop and ask yourself “What could my symptoms be trying to tell me? What message do they have for me. What am I really feeling? What emotion is my body sending me that I have missed”? This is the place to start. You may well need help from someone else to find the answers, but at least starting with the right question is more likely to lead to a real solution.

Be well!

Kim Knight